06 April 2007

I Believe

The Game: Avs at Canucks

Woooooaah. That is all. Just kidding.

A quick pregame glance. Laperriere + Shy childr
en = Funny. Lappy: "How you doing? [reads her shirt] 'Mini Diva.' I like dat."

Hejduk scores 25 seconds in. Unbelievable! It's fast and furious until Brunette crashes into Luongo and seems to step on his junk (ahem, interfere with his crease). A goal off of Naslund's skate gets taken away...Lucky...

Extremely lucky, since Salo ties it up less than a minute later. But everyone is working hard, including the venerable Sakic, who spends his lion's share of ice time under tremendous pressure. After the Avs aren't able to capitalize on three fortuitous Canuck penalties, I write in my notes, "Hejduk still hot. Any other goalie, could have hat trick by now." I think back to his last...

My reverie is interrupted by another McNab gem, just before second Intermission: "...Their minds are working so hard inside those masks..."

Hejduk gets his hat trick in the third. Who called it? That's right. The next best thing to throwing some hats onto the ice:

In honor of "The Duke," the ducal coronet of the Master of the Royal Household of Scotland. And if that doesn't float his boat:

Nothing helps you relax after an impossible win like a couple of frosty...root beers? Riiight.


Avs 3
Canucks 1

What could make this night better? Well, two things. Calgary lost to San Jose [taps fingertips repeatedly; maniacal sneer]. And, I went to a Guinness Believer event, drank copious amounts of free Irish beer, and added to my growing collection of Guinness family drinking paraphernalia:

The little spoons are for pouring Black and Tans. I don't drink them often enough to keep the thing on my keychain, though...

Happy Fan Appreciation Day, Vancouver! Best Friends Forever!


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